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Le séminaire PAGE accueille Carolina Núñez Puente pour une conférence exceptionnelle : « Female Subjects in Mustang and Ex Machina: Toward a Posthuman Feminist Ethics ». La conférence aura lieu le mercredi 4 mai 2022 de 14h à 16h en salle 513 et se fera en anglais.

Résumé en anglais :
This last chapter compares two cultural texts: Ex Machina (Garland), a science fiction film, and Mustang (Ergüven), a social realism one. One of the reasons for such comparison is that both the gynoid and the Eastern woman could be deemed as doubly “other” (Haraway, Mohanty). Therein, the female protagonists are offered a life of gender and bodily regulations concerning the home, physical appearance, work, sexuality, etc. In the case of Mustang, patriarchy attempts to control females especially after they enter
adolescence (Shildrick & Price); in Ex Machina, cyberculture continues to replicate sexism, gender inequalities, and ethnic stereotypes (Kolko, Nakamura & Rodman; Flanagan & Booth). Given the restraining environments, most female characters react by means of rebellion, sometimes in violent ways. In this respect , Ex Machina poses questions rather than answers, e.g.: does the main character utilize her female peer to defend herself provoking the latter’s death? Can the protagonist’s confinement of the male guest be justified? On the contrary and despite some violent acts (e.g. suicide), Mustang demonstrates that girls’ moral development takes place through dialogue and/or ethics (Gilligan,Tronto). As proved by posthumanism (Braidotti, Damasio), affective relations are necessary so that individuals are trained in ethics; since both movies lack an ethics of care, the portrayed custodians are made partly responsible for the females’ decisions. In both films too, the endings provoke the spectators to ponder over, among others, the following questions: in the posthuman scenario, where does ethics reside? Can posthuman feminism throw some light on this issue?

About Carolina Núñez Puente
Carolina Núñez Puente is Senior Lecturer of English at the University of Coruña (Spain). Her main fields of research are feminism and gender studies in US and other literatures and cultures in English. She is the author of Feminism and Dialogics: Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Meridel Le Sueur, Mikhail Bakhtin (2006) and the co-editor of Queering Women’s and Gender Studies (2019). She has published several book chapters as well as articles, in journals such as Atlantis, Babel, and Canadian Review of Comparative Literature, among others. Her current book-project involves a multiethnic study of prose, poetry, and film from a triple affect-studies, ecofeminism, and post humanism perspective—further information can be found at academia.edu.