• Le 02 juillet 2021 de 14:00 à 16:00
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La 7eme et dernière séance du sémiaire francophone tournant de jurilinguistique « Stéréotypes de la langue juridique et dans la langue juridique » s'articulera autour de la communication de Dieter Stein : «Jurilinguistique and Legal Linguistics: some myths and stereotypes.»

Vendredi 2 juillet 2021

Dieter Stein :  « Jurilinguistique and Legal Linguistics: some myths and stereotypes. »

The talk tries to identify major points of commonality and differences between the pursuits of “jurilinguistique” and legal linguistics as reflections of underlying differences in the two mother sciences, language and law. Following work by Engberg, the talk  tries to identify differences in notions of what “language” is in the francophone and anglophone worlds.   It tentatively identifies a version of the “border wars” as a fundamental difference in perspective: a more semantic, system-based approach in the wake of Saussure vs a more pragmatics-based view of language as a main dividing line in terms of different perspectives on language as the basis for different views in legal linguistic pursuits, such as manifested in notions of “literal” and in the emphasis on lexical items with presumed clearly delimited boundaries as central research units. Consequently, the law is more likely to be sought “in the text” and its literal words than in contextually guided results of interpretive acts,-  such as a pragmatically oriented view of whatever “the law” is would hold. These differences in views and approaches, as in a notion of literalness, do not, however, differentiate very clearly between the two schools of thought, but are also present to some extent in both areas. They also extend to very applied disciplines like translation and forensic linguistics.